Wing Pai Federation

Wing Pai Federation
Southern Shaolin Kung Fu

Perpetuating the Brotherhood of Chinese Martial Arts.

Teaching  Ch'uang Chuan Pai and Yuen Wing Chun Kuen.

About the Federation and its Kuen

Effective Legitimate Technique

There are no secrets techniques.  Success and Effectiveness come from diligent training, mastery comes from 10 years of diligent practice, until applciations are perfected.

 Our system ensures that what you learn today - is available to defend yourself and your loved ones TODAY. 

Efficiency, Use of Energy and redirection make this Shaolin Art - the one to learn for quick results.

History, Legacy and the Art

Kung Fu means to Work Hard!  Essentially meaning, to be the best - and to be the best at martial arts, one must be the best at more than just fighting.

There is a legacy passed down across the ages of Chinese Martial Arts that includes morality, philosophy, meditiation and, Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Our Chuang Chuan Wing Pai Kung Fu and Wing Chun Kung Fu not only can be traced to the Shaolin Temple, Red Junks and the Rebellion - but we can demonstrate the effectiveness of our close-range fighting.  We can ensure that YOU will be EFFECTIVE training with us at any of our Kung Fu Schools.

Effiicency - Anyone Can Learn

Today, in the world, people want a "magic bullet".  Although there are no magic bullets, if there were one - our Kung Fu is the closest thing to it!

If you want to be proficient and effective, WE can teach you that!  What you learn will allow you to persevere!

As we say in our schools:

The more you sweat while training, the less you'll bleed in the street!!!


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